The classic shaker, is filtered through a 1950s inspired aesthetic in this Farringdon design, complete with smooth pastel painted shades, chrome knobs and retro white enamel cooker.

The Porcelain and Mineral colour scheme lends a lightness of touch to a kitchen that features sturdy square cabinet pilasters alongside playful curves, tongue and groove panelling and, unique to the Classic collection, angled end moulds to the cabinet tops. Accessories like a retro transistor radio, kettle and wireback kitchen chairs add to the mid-century feel.

The subtle but significant difference between Graphite shaker doors on floor and wall cabinets and Porcelain doors on the side cupboard maintains the visual interest in this otherwise deceptively simple design. A plain white worktop emphasises the darker tones of Graphite below it, with white bevelled tiles adding an element of texture.